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The Idea

Sweet Star Grief is a tender romance between a cisgender man and a transgender woman, reminiscent of Moonlight by Barry Jenkins and the Before Trilogy (Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight) by Richard Linklater. It was created in the style of "slow cinema", a style marked by its patient pacing, attention to the small details of character, and meditations on every day moments.

This 25 minute short film is a proof of concept for the future feature film. For inquiries, contact Bowie at

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The Story

Lifelong best friends Nick and Jody are two suburban-middle-class, all-American boys whose relationship deepens as they begin to explore their sexual feelings with each other as teenagers. 


Nick is confused by his attraction to Jody, and Jody struggles with his gender dysphoria. 


When Jody comes out as Jodi to Nick, Nick commits an act of betrayal that results in Jodi being sent away to live with her father.


Jodi and Nick do not meet again for 15 years…


…Today, Jodi has returned home to care for her elderly mother who has severe dementia. Nick and his young daughter, Natalie, are coping with the recent suicide of Nick’s wife and Natalie’s mother, Rachel. 


As Jodi struggles to reconcile with her mother who doesn’t remember her, and Nick and Natalie piece their lives back together after their tragedy, Jodi and Nick reconnect and discover together the healing power of family and true love.

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Watch Sweet Star Grief on Youtube

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The Filmmaker

Bowie Nichols is a painter, photographer, filmmaker, and radical humanist living and working in Atlanta, GA.

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The Cast

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screening and distribution information

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