The Last Stall is a 90 second horror short I made as interstitial programming for the American Movie Classics network many moons ago. This one is all about the sound design, so bust out some headphones and turn it up!

Think Again is an 8 minute drama about saying goodbye. It was an official selection of the 2004 Los Angeles Short FIlm Festival.

A Dream... is an experimental music video for Ride's Vapour Trail. I shot most of the footage with the Fisher Price PXL-2000 Pixelvision toy camera from the 1980s.

Deception was my first film.'s the first film that I'll admit to. This was made in a year that began with a 1, and back then we made films on this stuff called film. Beautiful, grainy, 1.33:1, 16mm, film. It played a bunch of festivals and gave me the confidence to move to L.A.